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Farming as Service

J2B2 Farms offers an unique FaaS(Farming as a Service) solution for fellow farmer to boost their productivity, yield, revenue and reduce input cost. We combine consulting, teaching, machinery and market access in a single package and offer to fellow farmers on Pay-per-Use basis.

As our second offering to fellow farmers we present ‘Farming as a Service’ model. In order to improve mechanization in agriculture we make available all kinds of farm equipment and tractors to small farmers on rental basis.
We provide specialized implements as per the farmer’s requirements and look to do away with the mechanization problems that are faced by a majority of them in India. They can now save on unnecessary labor costs while reaping the full benefits of the technology available with us. We also provide customised farming solutions as per specific farm requirements. Our easy and flexible rental plans help deliver cutting edge technology right at the farmers’ doorstep.

What we do :
We aim to project farming as an economically profitable business model for the marginal and small farmers who still constitute a majority of the farmers in our country. This is where our farming as a service model comes into the picture, we provide a common platform for likeminded individuals so that we can help each other move forward as a community. We not only provide mechanization solutions but also real-time data to remove as many variables from the equation as possible.

Equipment for Rental :
1. Tipping trailer:
The trailer is designed for transportation of harvested crops and agricultural products as well as loose and bulk materials in the vicinity of the farm. The design allows for flexibility of loading/unloading goods and materials by simply tipping them which saves overall operating cost of transportation and manual labor.

2. Rotary tiller :
The main use of a rotary tiller or Rotavator is the tilling of soil. It Breaks up the dirt clods in the soil and is ideal for getting that seedbed broken into the perfect texture for planting. It uses a set of curved tines attached to a rotating shaft that is powered by your tractor’s PTO to dig into the soil, churning it into a fine, essentially clod-free seedbed. You can adjust the working depth of the tiller can be easily adjusted as needed.

3. Ripper:
A ripper is an attachment used for tearing and ripping apart hard earth . It mechanically breaks up and loosens compacted sand layers. Tine spacing and working depth have to be adjusted as per hardness of land and soil type.

4. Laser guided land leveler
Laser guided land levelers help in smoothening the land surface from its average elevation with a certain degree of desired slope using a guided laser beam through out the field. Their advantages compared to other land leveling methods include smoother and flatter soil surface. This not only saves time and water needed for irrigating the land but also allows for uniform water distribution on the farm which leads to uniform humidity environment for plants, uniform germination and growing in plants and saving on seed costs.

5. Agriculture Land Leveler
Land Leveler, though not as accurate as a laser guided leveler, also assists in leveling of the farm. It makes use of a trace blade to dig up and carry sand and is fairly easy to operate. It aids in optimum utilisation of limited water resources.

6. Hydraulic harrow:
It is used for superficial ploughing of farm land and shattering of clods. It prepares the soil for sowing by chopping and burying unwanted crop remains and weeds. The concave design of the discs allow for pulverizing as well as raising of loose soil. The hydraulic system of tires allows for easy transportation over public roads.

7. Post hole digger:
Post hole diggers dig deeper than other methods and are designed with long handles which means they can dig deep within a hole to depths which would normally be out of the user’s reach.
Compared to other tools it is much easier to use when digging holes because it requires much less time and physical effort. It saves on both labour costs and time and gets the work done with ease.

8. Cultivator :
Over time, foot traffic and rainfall cause the soil near the surface to compact this prevents water and air from reaching the roots of plants and prevents water that penetrates the surface from draining away. Cultivators stir the soil and pulverize it into smaller pieces with the use of tines. This allows air and water to penetrate deep into the soil and allows it to drain more effectively, preventing the soil from becoming flooded.

9. Fertiliser spreader
A fertilizer spreader provides for consistent coverage of the farm and proper fertiliser distribution. Various micronutrients can be mixed together and distributed over the farm optimising input and coverage.

10. Plough
The main purpose of a plough is to turn over the upper layer of sand and bring fresh nutrients to the top and burying weeds into the soil allowing them to decompose over time. This allows for homogenisation and aeration of the soil and can also be used mixing of manure and fertilisers prior to sowing.

11. Rotary cutter
This implement helps control overgrowth of bushes or tall weeds that grow within rows of crops. The height and width can be adjusted to move in between uneven rows and arounds plants. After the rough material has been cut, the rotary cutter will leave the material on the ground behind for mulching.

12. Boom sprayer:
Allows for consistent application for all types of water soluble fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, etc. with its variable height options it can used for all crops and at all growth cycles with the same level of precision and speed. Pressure can also be turned up or down as per crop requirement without compromising on efficiency.

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J2B2 Farms focuses on transforming this world into a better world every day. Replacing the adulterated food in your kitchen with the best quality food, providing farmers with doorstep affordable FaaS solution, and providing equal employment opportunity for women in our plants, are our small steps towards and growing and changing world.