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Social Growth and Research

Social Growth and Research

J2B2 Farms focuses on transforming this world into a better world every day. Replacing the adulterated food in your kitchen with the best quality food, providing farmers with opportunity to access advance machinery, modern technologies and best techniques at their doorsteps, and providing equal employment opportunity for women in our plants we take these small steps towards and growing and changing world.
Our Aims-

• Research in Jaggery Manufacturing- We are collaborating with premier research institutes ICAR(Indian Council of Agricultural Research ), IISR(Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research) to use the best Jaggery manufacturing techniques in world and researching on topics like enhancing nutritional values of Jaggery, increasing shelf life, liquid Jaggery without preservatives, natural mineral candies etc.
• Good Food for everyone- We are focused on providing good quality food to all people, whether living in rural or in urban areas, we are eagerly looking forward to bring the health benefits of eating healthy Jaggery to everyone. A happy and healthy customer is our first and foremost dream.
• Fighting Malnutrition- Our collective goal is to come up with some traditional Jaggery based recipes which can be used as a tool to fight malnutrition, especially kids. With time we want to proceed to other food like pulses, grains and dairy products where we can enhance the nutritional value of the food product by extensive research and use them as tool to fight malnutrition
• Ease in Farming- Nothing is more satisfactory than seeing a happy farmer face. What if the farmers’ dream of farming with most advanced machineries, using latest techniques, and getting best consultation from farming experts comes true? We help farmers by delivering all this services at affordable rates to the doorsteps and asks for a smile in return.
• Good Price for Farmers Products- We Pay farmers how much they deserves not how much they need. Ensuring a good price for their produce and building such a good relationship that they look forward to each harvest with hopes.
• Trainings for farmers- We organize free trainings for farmers at our service hubs where they can learn about technological advancement in the farms, learn by practicing and get access to their farms’ needs.

Partner Organizations

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow-
The Institute is an ISO 9001 accredited agency and has three regional stations for nationwide coverage of its activities. The institute is a platform for research on improving technology of sugarcane processing for juice, Jaggery and value added products. The main aim is to develop cost, energy efficient ways to produce and store Jaggery. IISR is working on enhancing the quality of Jaggery manufacturing through improved post-harvest processes, technology, management and value addition. We are collaborating with IISR and working under technical guidance of Mr. Dilip Kumar(Chief Scientist, IISR) to provide our customers with the best in class Jaggery. Our collective goal is to come up with some traditional Jaggery based recipes which can be used as a tool to fight malnutrition, especially kids.